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Average Length Incense Sticks
(30 – 75 minutes)
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True Scents offers a large selection of the finest incense gathered the world over. From hand rolled incense to charcoal based incense to incense sticks dipped in the the most unique fragrance oils... and more. Looking for something not on this page?... Enter your quest in the search box above. Then again, try something new - every fragrance a pleasant surprise. A special experience, smell the true in-dwelling fragrance of the incense… not a hint of fragrance carried by a preponderance of burning wood and pulp. (Of course this is available as well for those who so choose to ponder, please inquire).

Breeze through this section and
take in whiffs of each incense description. Thank you.

Ordering at a Glance
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Akchhay Sandalwood -  $3.50
A woodsy, peaceful sandalwood incense, a gift of nature true... About 18 sticks, hexagonal tube (a nice woodsy sandalwood scent).

Green Rose Incense - $3.00
20 grams, tube. Highly recommended by Rev. Nazirmoreh (ABRD). Favorite for many/ lingering, spicy, one-of-a-kind .fragrance.

Mist Incense - $3.50
Create an oasis... 20 incense sticks, hexagonal tube. Highly recommended by Rev. Nazirmoreh (ABRD). Lasting, sweet smell of misty rain.

Satya Sai Baba
Nag Champa Incense

15 GRAM SIZE    $3.00
40 GRAM SIZE    $5.00
100 GRM SIZE  $10.00
250 GRAM SIZE $19.00

Goloka Nag Champa - 4 sizes avail.

Vinason's Darshan $2.00
10 grams, box. Especially made to help deep meditation.

Chamatkaar $3.00
About 15 grams, triangle tube

Samadhi $3.00
LET THE AROMA TAKE YOU WITHIN.. About 31 incense sticks, tube. Highly aromatic.

Roshni - $3.00
Even tempered. Not too little or too much, contemplate on it.  About 63 sticks, 15-20 minute, tube. Mild Arabian sandalwood scent.

Patchouli Incense - $3.00
About 29 grams, box. Nice.

Shivshakti - $3.00
24 grams, tube. Highly fragrant musk-like aroma.

Tulasi Flora - $3.00
25 grams, flat box. A mystical beauty similar to SAI DEEP.

Russian Rose Incense - $3.00 20 sticks, tube. An herbal aroma, reminiscent of Tibetan incense.

Tulasi Sandalwood Incense - $4.50
Arabian and indian sandal incense aroma. Save - BIG 60 STICK, HEX. TUBE.
Smaller size available.

Tulasi Sandalwood Incense - $3.50
Arabian and indian sandal aroma. Smaller size available.

Krishna Dhoop - $3.00

Green Champa Incense - $3.50
Be creative... About 30 grams, tube.  A nicely different champa, sweet and mild.

Amber Kasturi - $3.00
Highly recommended amber... 20 grams tube. A lasting amber-musk aroma/long sticks like green rose.

999 Krsna Dhoop -  $4.00 The spicy herbal aromas of an enchanting forest.  25 long burning incense sticks, box.

Shantimalai Nag Champa
40 GRAMS   $4.00
40 grams (long sticks)  $4.50
100 grams $9.00
250 grams  $18.00
500 grams $33.00

Firdous Incense -  $7.00
Ever green sweetness... unusual. About 60 grams, tube. A pure Firdous scent - very special.

Mysore Sandalwood $3.00

Rich sandalwood... rewarding. About 30 sticks, box. A pungent and true Indian sandalwood.

Mogra Flower $3.00
A gently, sweet mogra. About 30 incense sticks, tube. Highly fragrant.

Ras Leela - $3.00
Playful --- join the celebration... 20 incense sticks, box. A floral spice of scent.

Krishna Dhoop - $3.00 Cheerfully fragrant... About 16 sticks, 25 grams, box. Lovingly aromatic and comparable to NAGA.

Nandi Mogra - $3.00
Drift into a meadow of wild flowers... About 21 incnesesticks, box. A very highly redolent floral.

Vinason's Patchouli Incense - $1.50 10 grams, box. Highly fragrant, fresh smell.

Sai Flora -
$4.00 $ $7.00
A full flavored fluxo, taste the serenity. Flat box, 2 sizes, thick incense sticks.

Spiritual Guide Incense  - $8.00 100 sticks, flat box (smaller size available). Transport your mind, enhance mood of the moment.

333 Siromani - $4.50
40 sticks, box. Long burning, with pure sandal powder
Temp out of stock

Precious Chandan - 1.50 & $8.00

Kama Sutra Incense $ 3.50

10 grams flat pack, by Kamala
Pungent, sweet and exclusive, this extraordinary incense enhances love to a spiritual level, enthusing a divinely romantic atmosphere.

Green Mogra Incense - $3.50
A highly fragrant mogra incense... cheerful. About 16 sticks, hexagonal tube. (Smaller size available.) Pleasantly strong mogra .flower blend.

Orchids Incense -$3.50
20 sticks, hexagonal tube (smaller size also available). Very highly fragrant and sweet.

Lyrics Incense - $3.50
A joyful melody... About 21 incense sticks, hexagonal tube (smaller size also available). A spirituous fragrance of a song.  Sweet, spicy.

Sri Satya Sai Baba Incense $3.00
Life is love, share it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a game, play it."  Sai Baba

Great Himalayas  $3.00
About 30 sticks, tube. Highly fragrant.

Blue Pearl Incense $10.00
Meditate with delight...
100 grams, flat box. Smaller size available.

Nandi Golden - $3.00 Golden sunrise, golden sunset. Energizing/relaxing, create you own mood. About 10 sticks,  box. Very special long burning Champa like scent.

Shivranjani Incense
20 GRAMS  $3.00 dance with it...
40 GRAMS  $5.00 meditate on it.

Satya Natural - $3.00
A Sai Baba natural. 20 grams,  box. A very fine masala incense allusive to Satya Nag Champa.

Gulab (roses) - 20 sticks, hexagonal tube $3.50

Nandi Flora - $3.00

Gather those scattered thoughts, let go... 25 grams, box. Rich floral, sandalwood incense blend.

Raj Laxmi - $7.00
50 grams, tube. A very special fragrance with a note of Champa.

Gateway of  India Incense
Enter into the tranquility... About 18 incense sticks, tube.   

Padmini -  $1.50 & $8.00

Vaishnavi Flora - $2.50
Spiritual Flora - $2.50

Barath's Darshan - $3.50


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