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Hypnosis - riding on (brain) waves of Consciousness

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Hypnosis -
riding on (brain) waves of Consciousness
Brain Wave Information Chart





Understanding brain waves can assist in understanding the experience of hypnosis.

1. When one is awake, the brain waves are operating in the beta state of activity. This is the state of normal wakefulness. In beta, one is alert and wide awake. The active, rational, analytical, thinking brain/mind is dominant. This is where conditioned programmed beliefs, values, ethics, etc.,  reside.

2. When one closes the eyes, becomes relaxed, or daydreams, the brain waves are in alpha. This is the brain wave state of heightened creativity and inspiration. When one engages in creative pursuits such as imagining or visualizing - the brains waves register in alpha. In alpha, the conscious mind is less dominant and the subconscious level is coming to the foreground. The alpha state is where brain waves would register as when one goes into a light trance (light hypnotic state).  This state is entered into often during the course of the day.

3. Dreaming, deeper hypnosis, meditating occurs in the theta level. Any repetitive movement or sounds will take one into the theta state easily. This state is where much of one's subconscious potential lies and where higher levels of consciousness begin  filtering in. Brain waves register as theta as one goes deeper into hypnosis. This is where past experiences and emotions can be accessed. In theta, many  go into deeper stages where true and direct healing can occur physically, mentally, emotionally because one has access to the levels of consciousness that are all-knowing (omniscience), beyond time and space (omnipresent), and miraculous (omnipotent).

4. When falling asleep and going into unconsciousness, one is in delta. In this state of consciousness, one will not remember what one is experiencing.

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