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Dhoop Sticks and Joss Sticks---
Highlights include MorningStar Incense, Padmini dhoop sticks, Mangal Murti, Pine, Japanese joss sticks, smokeless incense, violet, chrysanthemum and more

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Dhoop sticks and joss sticks are  wonderfully formed incense, very refreshing and pleasant. Made without the use of a stick in the middle, they burn very clean - so much so that some are specially formulated to put out very little smoke, while others put out a relaxing mist of smoke. Another True Scents experience awaits…

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Fragrances at a glance

Dhoop Incense Sticks
- Padmini Superfine
- Padmini
_ Padmini King Size
- Sairaj Floral
- Singiri
- Panchavati
- 999 Lord Krishna Puja

Mangal Murti
- Dasanga
- Patchouli
- Rose

Joss Sticks

Morning Star Joss Sticks
- Amber
- Cedar
- Cinnamon
- Jasmine
- Lavender
- Musk
- Patchouli
- Pine
- Rose
- Sandalwood
- Cinnamon
- Vanilla

Less Smoke Incense
Daigen Koh Incense
box & singles
Tendan Sandalwood Incense
Violet, Seiun  (less smoke)
Chrysanthemum, Seiun
(less smoke)

Dhoop Incense Sticks
Padmini $1.00
Padmini Superfine $1.25
Padmini King Size $1.25
Sairaj Floral $1.00
Singiri $1.00
Panchavati king size 5" $1.25
Panchavati $1.00
999 Lord Krishna Puja 5" $1.25

Mangal Murti $2.50
5" dhoop sticks. Highly recommended by Rev. Nazirmoreh (ABRD). See side panel for fragrance selections. Thank you.

Morning Star Pine - Japanese joss incense, about 50 sticks, 5 1/2", tube. $2.50

Daigen Koh - (rosewood incense) full box with 12 square tubes of 30 Japanese joss sticks.
Daigen Koh 
(rosewood incense) - Light, airy, very little smoke. Japanese joss sticks 1/2" diameter, square tube of 30 sticks. $3.50

Morning Star incense $8.50
Japanese joss incense, 200 sticks. Very little smoke. See side panel for incense selections. Thank you.

Morning Star small incense boxes $2.50
Japanese joss sticks, 50 sticks. See sine panel for incense selections. Thank you.

Morning Star incense - Cinnamon, vanilla and citrus. Japanese joss, 100 sticks, flat box (30M). $5.50

Less Smoke

Chrysanthemum, Seiun - less smoke, 220 Japanese joss incense sticks, box. $10.00

Violet, Seiun - less smoke 360 Japanese joss sticks, box $20.00

Tendan Sandalwood -
70 joss incense sticks, box. $3.50

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