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...Essence / Essential Oils Information Sheet...
Blessings & Thanks to Reverend Nazirmoreh K. B. Kedem (A.B.R.D.) - founder, spiritual head & director of -
Nahziryah Monastic Community and The Nazir Order Of The Purple Veil

Essence Oils

-Acacia Sweet
-Afrikan Musk (clear)
-African Safari**
-Amber, Light
-Amber, Thick w/ resin
-Amber, Tunisian Thick Blend
-Amber, Tunisian Dark
-Anais Anais type
-Angel type
-Anointing Oil, Rev. Nazirmoreh
-Apple Blossom
-Apple, Green
-Arabian Musk
-Aramis type
-Aromatic Elixir type
-Attar Hina Supreme**
-Baby Powder type
-Beautiful type
-Blue Champa
-Blue Nile
-Blue Sonata
-Boss Sports type
-Carnation Essence
-Casmir type
-Chanel #5 type
-Chanel #19 type
-Cherry Wonder
-China Musk
-China Rain
-Chrome type
-CK-1 type
-Clary Sage #2
-Coco Mango
-Coconut, Black
-Coconut, White
-Cool Water(M/W)
-Crystal type
-Darbar, Indian
-Drakkar Noir type
-Egyptian Musk
-Egyptian Musk Supreme
-Escape  type
-Eternity type
-Fahrenheit type
-Fendi type
-Ferdous type
-Frankincense, Sudanese
-Frankincense, Tunisian
-Frankincense & Myrrh
-Freesia type (very flowery)
-Freesia type (light, floral)
-Geranium Rose
-Giorgio (M.W)  type
-Green Champa**
-Halston (M) type
-Halston Z14 type
-Heliotrope #2
-Hero type
-Honey, Musk
-Issey Miyake (M/W) type
-Jannatul Maawa**
-Jontu type
-Joop  type
-Joy, African type
-Jovan Musk (M/W) type
-Knowing type
-Kouras type
-Kontra type
-L'Air Du Temp type
-Lauren type
-Lavender #88R (sweet)
-Lavender Flora #88F
-Lavender Unique #88M
-Lemon, Verbena
-Lily of the Valley
-Lotus Royal  (lotus scent)
-Lotus Supreme**
-Majmua Supreme**
-Mango, Exotic
-Mango, Tropical
-Mogra** (Indian Jasmine) 
-Musk, Afrikan (clear)
-Musk, Green Afrikan
-Musk, Green India
-Musk, Ami
-Musk, Arabian 'White"  (clear)
-Musk, Black
-Musk, China
-Musk, Egyptian (truly thick)
-Musk Supreme, Egyptian
-Musk, India
-Musk, Honey
-Musk, Jovan (M) type
-Musk, Jovan (W) type
-Musk, Morocco type
-Musk, Night
-Musk, Red
-Musk, Sweet Oriental type
-Myrrh, Tunisian
-Myrrh, Moroccan
-Nag Champa
-Neroli (Orange Blossom)
-Neroli Blossom (Orange Blossom)
-Norel type
-Nour, Oriental type
-Ocean Dreams type
-Ombre Rose
-Opium, Dark
-Opium, White (clear)
-Orange, Sweet
-Orchid #2
-Patchouli, Natural type **
-Patchouli, Essential **
-Patchouli, Tunisian ** 
-Paloma Picasso type
-Peach (sweet)
-Peach Dream
-Peach #2, Fuzzy
-Peach, Tropical
-Polo Sport Type
-Pure Purple
-Red type (M) (W)
-Rose, Black
-Rose, English
-Rose, New Red
-Sandalwood, Arabian
-Sandalwood, Eastern
-Sandalwood, Egyptian
-Sandal, Golden Indian***
-Sandalwood, Tunisian
-Sandalwood, Woody
-Shalimar type
-Silence type
-Spikenard, Ancient
-Spikenard Flight
-Sweet Pea
-Sweet Rain
-Tommy Girls type
-Tommy Hilfiger type
-Tresor type
-Vanilla, Creamy
-Verbena, Lemon
-Vetiver Light
-Violet, African (truly violet)
-White Linen type
-White Nile
-White Musk
-White Shoulders type
-Wisteria Lilac
-Ylang Ylang
-Youth Dew type

Essential Oils

Benzoin Resinoid Liquid
Birch, Sweet
Black Pepper
Caraway Seed
Cinnamon Leaf
Clary Sage
Clove Bud
Fennel, Sweet
Fir Needle, Siberian
Frankincense Resinoid
Mandarin, Red
Myyrah Resinoid
Orange, Sweet
Sage, Dalmation
Sandalwood, Mysore
Tea Tree
Thyme, White
Ylang Ylang, Dark

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True Scents
Essence &
Essential Oils:

These high grade oils can be used in the healing process, to enhance meditation, as a fragrant body oil... their uses are without limit - use them on the skin, in  aromatherapy diffusers, in steam vaporizers, place a few drops in lit candles, on light bulb rings, on one's pillow, in massage oil, in the bath and more…create your own environment. With these aromas in the atmosphere, one can just breathe in deeply and receive their healing benefits. Share these beautiful aromas with those around you.


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"This is my second order from your catalog, and I love the energy and love in your oils; thank you for your seva (service) ."
G. W. (Wash.)

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(I. - Australia)

I just received my Kush Oil and I must say how absolutely happy I am with your web-site and the wonderful things you offer there. I've forwarded your web-site address to my mother as she will be thrilled to find a web-site such as yours.
(S. L. - Virginia)

The Purple People are the best! Your oils are par excellence, and the simple act of dealing with your organization leaves one with a feeling of peace and optimism. Thank you for being so nice in every way. (L. P. - Calif.)

"The samples are Wonderful. Our daughter is from India and she was wanting fragrances more inline with her heritage. She will be very happy at Christmas time."
C. L. (Iowa)

thank you Reverend Nazirmoreh for my order. i love the amber with resin oil , i trully love it! you recommended the amber with resin oil , i took the chance and trust your word, good choice. i also love your golden sandalwood oil***, it lasts a long time on my skin including the amber with resin. thank you so much for your awesome oils!!!!! from S. H. (Michican)

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Peace be with you all,

This information has been comprised for those who have inquiries concerning the difference between the essential oils that Nazir Art Crafts/TRUE SCENTS offers.

The bulk of the essential oils that the TRUE SCENTS line carries are obtained from associate families and/ or communities that have been involved with the ancient art, science and tradition of fragrances for many centuries now. According to these sources: There are two kinds of scents; ones which occur in nature, such as Sandalwood, Patchouli and then there are others which are blended from a variety of natural ingredients. Due to the prohibitive costs of supplying nature's oils, sometimes a perfumer blends the naturally occurring oils with other aromatic compounds. The art and science of a perfumer is evident in the fragrances he creates.

The difference in the oils offered through the TRUE SCENTS line is chiefly in the method of extraction. Technically speaking, an essential oil is extracted from plant material by two main methods; simple expression (or pressure) or by steam, water or dry distillation. Distinguishing the difference between essential and concretes or absolutes (fragrances obtained by methods other than steam distillation or pressure) is sometimes very difficult. However, the essentials are very loose - much like water, have no oily feel to them, evaporate quickly (volatile) and the cost of a fragrance is sometimes a lot more expensive than its' counterpart; concretes, absolutes and oil blends. Essential oils should be stored in tightly sealed, dark colored glass bottles - for light rays, air and excessive heat will quickly deteriorate the essence of the oils. However, when obtaining essential oils in small quantities, clear glass is permissible providing the bottles are kept in the dark (ex. - drawer, purse, pouch, etc.) until ready for use. Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts, therefore having very potent therapeutic values. Each drop is equal to at least one ounce of plant matter.

Many aromatic oils from plants contain a few major constituents, several minors and a larger number of trace elements. It is virtually impossible to totally reconstruct such a complex combination of components which includes all of the trace elements. Most "nature identical" oils are said to be 96% accurate - with the remaining 4% of trace elements being non-duplicated. It is the synergistics of the specific combination of hundreds of constituents naturally provided to each plant (including trace elements) that give the essential oils therefrom their valuable therapeutic/healing properties.

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For clarity purposes; essential oils not extracted via steam or pressure shall henceforth be referred to as essence oils. Essence oils are derived in a variety of ways from flowers, barks, leaves, roots or resins.

Concretes - The aromatic plant matter is extracted by organic solvents such as hydro-carbon. Concretes are more stable and concentrated than unmodified essential oils.
Resinoids - Oils from natural resins such as frankincense, myrrh, amber, benzoin, etc. extracted by hydro-carbon solvents. Occasionally the ethanol soluble fraction of a resinoid is called an absolute.

- Oils from natural resins such as frankincense, myrrh, amber, benzoin, etc. extracted by hydro-carbon solvents. Occasionally the ethanol soluble fraction of a resinoid is called an absolute.

- Obtained by taking the concretes through a second process of ethanol extraction or liquid carbon dioxide. With the latter process, the oils produced are of excellent aroma
quality and entirely free of unwanted solvent residues or non-volatile matter.

All the above methods go through a final process of solvent removal. These techniques are used worldwide for higher yield or to obtain products that cannot be obtained by any other process. An example of this is when an essential oil would be adversely affected by hot water and steam, as is the case with Jasmine - concretes or absolutes would be used; they also produce a more true-to-nature- fragrance.

The fragrance industry requires continuity in its' products - as well as a means of obtaining a scent without it's prohibitive costs - considering one pound of essential oil requires 50 lbs. of eucalyptus, 150 lbs. of lavender, 500 lbs. of sage, thyme or rosemary and 2000 - 3000 lbs. of rose. Thus, perhaps is the main reason and practicality of formulating oil blends and creating scents from various aromatic compounds also found in nature. However not all synthesized aromas are of the same quality. Some oils on the market are artificial imitations of natural fragrances. Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) sees to it that Nazir Art Crafts carries some of the best and finest natural oil blends available today. Nazir Art Crafts' TRUE SCENTS oils are free of alcohol and derived from natural, all-vegetable sources - including the musks. Use TRUE SCENTS oils in aromatherapy, as a non-alcoholic perfume, as an incense, as an ingredient in natural soaps, body care products and candles. Try Tangerine oil to bring cheer and light into you life…, Sandalwood to promote a deeper connection to Spirit…, Patchouli for a sense of strength, groundedness and as an insect repellant…, Rose to enhance creativity and a union of physical and spiritual love, and to relieve postnatal depression…, Frankincense and/or Myrrh; two of the most highly treasured and costly substance of ancient civilization - evoking a sense of inspiration, faith, inner strength and stability. Try any of the TRUE SCENTS line of oils and experience for yourself. Those using TRUE SCENTS oils often remark on the peace and tranquility that the oils carry with them and compliments abound concerning the superior strength and quality that the TRUE SCENTS line of essence oils have, unlike some oils and commercial scents; TRUE SCENTS
essence oils ARE alcohol free and HIGHLY concentrated, so they last for hours and some for days and TRUE SCENTS essential oils are of the finest quality available as well.  Whether you are selecting  an essential oil or essence oil through Nahziryah Monastic Community / Nazir Art Crafts TRUE SCENTS - rest assured that you are selecting some of the best, purest, uncut, unreduced oils available. Thank you very much.

In Truth, In Light, In Love
Peace be with you All
Nahziryah Monastic Community
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Blessings and Thanks to our Spiritual Teacher and Director -
Rev. Nazirmoreh, Founder, Spiritual Head and Director  of
Nahziryah Monastic Community,
Nazir Order of the Purple Veil, Nazir Art Crafts, Veil of Truth, Cloak of Wisdom,
True Scents, True Sense Publications and Wholistic Living Supplies.


Aromatic compound - any of a class of organic compounds containing an unsaturated ring of carbon atoms, as benzene, napthalene, anthracene and their derivatives, and usually having an agreeable odor. Hydro -carbon - any of a class of compounds containing only hydrogen and carbon, as an alkane, methane, CH4 etc., or an aromatic compound; benzene, C6H6.
Perfume - 1. A substance, extract or preparation for diffusing or imparting an agreeable or attractive smell. 2. The scent, odor or volatile particle emitted by substances that smell agreeably. -Syn.: essence, attar, scent, incense, aroma, fragrance.
Therapeutic - of or related to the treatment of mental / physical disease or disorders by remedial agents or methods; medicinal.

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