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Long Burning Sticks
Coil Incense and Spiral Incense
Ayurvedic and Tibetan Incense
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Long Burning Incense Sticks

Naga Incense $6.00
Profound, transforming... 50 grams, box. Each incense stick burns 3 hours, with a cherry sweet fragrance.

Neem Aura $4.00
10 long Citronella Sticks -
each stick burns 2 hours - 3 times the active fragrance of citronella candles; no deet or paraffin or petroleum by-products. Very pleasing aroma includes neem bark and lemongrass

Lotus Hakubai  $10.00

90 long incense sticks, each stick burns approx. 2 hours.

Sai Deep $3.50
The awakening… Tube, approx. 10 sticks. Sticks burn one hour - with a rich, mystic narcissus like aroma.

Jumbo Incense Sticks Purple Label $6.00
for those who like to ponder
Each stick burns 3 hours, 15 sticks.
Black Coconut
Frankincense and Myrrh
Love Supreme
Nag Champa

Jumbo Sticks  30 sticks  $10.00

Jumbo Stick Compartment Burner $22.00
Store jumbo incense sticks inside, burn on top. 22" long. Hand carved wood - black.

Tibetan Incense Sticks

Pure Tibetan Herbal
Meditation  Incense
12 inch sticks  $7.00
Tasi Tagge Tibetan Incense

11 inch box 
Green Tara Goddess
8 inch incense sticks, green box  $6.00
Pancha Buddha
8 inch incense sticks, blue box, 5 types  $6.00
Kuan Yin Goddess
8 inch sticks, blue box $6.00
Healing Incense
6 inch sticks, yellow or red box  $4.50
Sri Ganesh
8 inch sticks, fuchsia box  $6.00
Tibetan Lotus Incense
10 3/4 inch sticks, box  $7.00
Gift Pack of Five
6 inch sticks, box. Tibetan incense assortment  $20.00

Green Tara Incense-
6 inch, box $4.50

Original Tara Healing Incense6 inch sticks, box  $4.50
New "Special inhalant for relief of stress, tension and depression."

Ayurvedic Meditation Incense 
20 gram incense sticks, flat pack or tube 
Pitta/Fire     Vatta/Air

Coil Incense / Spiral Incense

Aloeswood Coils
10 large coils - very long burning
Decorative Octagonal box -made in China
order here

Aloeswood Coil Incense 40 aloes wood coils. $12.00 order here

Meditation Spiral Incense - 8 hours each
Variety Pack  (Meditation Gift Set) $29
2 each of Lavender / Sandalwood / Vanilla
(comes with ceramic holder)

Refills - one scent, 6 spirals $12.00 Sandalwood / Vanilla

Coil Incense Kit Avail. in 3 scents. 6 pieces per kit. 2 HOURS PER COIL. Includes specially designed burner. Coil holder included. $20.00
Free _ Pure _ Spirit

Blossom #5 Incense Coil Set 9 incense coils - rose, violet, plum flower, 2 hours each, includes specially designed dish  type burner $25.00

Tea #6 Incense Coil Set 9 incense coils - green, jasmine, darjeeling, 2 hours each, includes specially designed dish  type burner $25.00

Tree #4 Incense Coils Set 9 coil incense - bamboo, aloeswood, sandalwood, 2 hours each, includes specially designed dish  type burner $25.00

Coil Incense Burners
Soap stone with mother of pearl inlay $10.00

Incense Holders Department.

Variety of  Original Tara or Kaviraja
with detailed information sheet
12 sticks, 6 scents $4.50
Kaviraja Ayurvedic
Healing Incense
25 gram sticks, flat pack with detailed information sheet $4.00
Element of Nature Series
Stability - Earth/Prithivi
Satisfaction - Water/Jala
Transformation - Fire/Agni
Stimulation - Air/Vayu
Freedom - Ether/Akasha
Inspiration - Nectar/Amrit

Health and Harmony
Impulse - Kapha
Serenity - Pitta
Comfort - Vata
Vitality - Prana
Power - Ojas
Purity - Agni

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