Nazir Art Crafts/Veil of Truth - meditation room : Session #2 (6/1999)

Meditation room. Please take your shoes off, and have a seat on one of the pillows. Thank you.

To begin this journey, relax the body/ your vehicle - this mechanism/ your means of travel through three dimensional time and space. Let go of all tension, beginning with the tension built up behind the neck and around the head. Just let it drain down through the body's channels. As it drains down, let it wash out all tension held throughout the body's system. Draining down ever so slowly and out through the soles of the feet. Release any tension from across the forehead, let it all drain away - causing the eyelids to droop slightly. Think of calmness, and send this feeling through your whole body. Like all aspects in life, it is a vibration. You choose the voltage your body carries. So think calmness for this moment and the next. Begin to rewire your circuitry, begin to raise your vibratory rate.

Understand that it is your body which we have drawn attention to so far. This body is not you. Let us proceed on this journey to realize who you are. Begin by saying aloud, "Who Am I". Keep this thought foremost in your thoughts.

Breath in, breath out - gently, calmly, continuously at ease. Let the sound within, take you within. Listen to your note, your song, your contribution to the harmony we call life. Listen to it humming, permeating, percolating through the pores. Remember it is there, always there. From where does it arise? Ask the question again out loud, "Who Am I?"...

Now within this circuitry, there is a secret passage, call it a gland if you will. Secret because it's function is a speculation. Like the tonsils and the appendix - it's use is not fully known. In dormancy, it's door is closed. This gland is seated within a cavity surrounded by and connected to an array of delicate instruments, making it less accessible to the unaware. Unlike tonsils and appendix, because of it's location and inner-connectiveness, it is not easy to cut out through lack of understanding. It has been called, of late, the pineal gland. Through this passage, our journey opens up. Of all points of entry, the pineal gland stands out because it possesses a magentic pull. By focusing on this one small point, energy is applied which stimulates (or awakens) it's latent abilities. By concentrating on this point between the brows, it's magnetic attraction pulls the meditator ever inwards... Who Am I.

Let us set our sight on this point of entry. In ancient days, of names attributed to it, it is called the Third Eye. By remaining one pointed, this sight slowly dissolves into inner sight. Watch the thought forms which arise and disappear in the mind. From here, if we remain still and persistant, insight is gradually attained...

Who Am I... Like a magnet we are drawn ever inward...

Sit with spine erect. Breath in and out softly. Close your eyes and focus on the point between the brows - asking your self the question, Who Am I... ... ...

With practice, this mediatation deepens one's perception of Self in subtle and not so subtle ways. We begin to look at life with a new eye. Understanding increases. Our circuitry is ever renewed, our consciousness ever expands. So come again and again to this meditation...

When you are ready to continue, you may return thru the purple veil with renewed vitality - tranquil, centered, more in love.

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(We will be exploring deeper levels of meditation as time goes on. The topic of meditation will slowly shift, for it is only thru patient effort and repeated practice that one graduates in degree. So come to the center again and again ... Peace Be With You.)

Blessing and Thanks to our Spiritual Teacher and Director -
The Reverend Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.) ...
Founder and Spiritual Head of Nahziryah Monastic Community
and the Nazir Order of the Purple Veil

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