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Correspondence 29th December 2007

Most respectful, my very dear spiritual master and teacher, Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD). Thank you for your special kindness and love in sending the 2 books. I am reading the book Vision and I feel so comforted and clear within the alignment of it's message from the Eternal One and many helpers. I use the spice blends in my bath with olive oil. It is beautiful. Peace and Love to my brethren of the Monastery. The note attached to the books made me so happy!!
OM (name)

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Correspondence 2nd January 2008

To the Reverend Baba Nazirmoreh

Thank You For Doing What You Do. May Your Work Forever Be A Blessing .
Peace & Love to All
With my heart in truth

I write this to you because I am most humbled and touched by your "Being, Ether, Aura" call it as you will. I am on a spiritual journey, praise be the Master of All that is, was, has been and will ever be -  for that is the oneness, the one in all and the all in One.

When I gazed upon your picture, I knew I know you from a time, a place. I can't say quite where or when even now. I looked at the picture of my great grandfather whom I never met and I felt your picture and his picture resonated. The vibration fills me with Compassion, Humility, and lifts me to work hard and stay on my path of spiritual journey.

Love & Peace to All
Thanks be to You
The One in Truth

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