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Right Brain- Left Brain Test

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Right Brain / Left Brain - Centered

Take a very close and detailed look at this image to the right. Which way does the figure appear to be spinning - clock-wise or counter-clockwise?

Now, take a nice, long and very relaxed gaze at the rhythmic flow of this image. Which way does the figure appear to be spinning now?

If using one's analytical/rational/reasoning faculties of the mind, the left side of the brain is more in focus. Many use this side of the brain in their daily activities and will therefore see the figure rotating counter clock-wise.

If using one's creative/artistic/intuitive faculties of the mind, the right side of the brain is more in focus. The figure will appear in this case to be rotating clock-wise.

If the rotation is only seen going counter clock-wise, try this experiment. Look at the image to the right by looking at it out of the side of the eyes - for example stare at these words while looking at the image using peripheral vision. Watch, the image may seem to shift to the right brain clock-wise rotation movement.

Right Brain, Left Brain Test

Now blink, look towards the left of the screen and then return to looking at the image straight on… What happens?

Still others can see the image move back and forth while gazing steadily at it without any shifts in eye contact. In such cases, the mind may be more centrally focused as the image is in fact doing just that - moving back and forth.

Please don't strain the brain with this image. It can be called an optical illusion, though not singularly attributed to eye movement. The image is two dimensional in execution (the image moves back and forth). But right and left brain hemisphere activities  give it an appearance of being in a three dimensional rotating motion. This is a glimpse into the inner workings of the brain/mind - of which we use only a very small portion of. With proper training and use, this tool will be an even greater asset than what is now experienced.

The power of the mind is immense. The limits of the imagination are beyond comprehension. All this with only 10% of the mind presently being tapped into. Try to imagine this  imaginable potential…

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