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Blessings and Thanks to our Spiritual Teacher, Founder and Director of Nahziryah Monastic Community - Rev.  Nazirmoreh (ABRD)

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Blessings & Thanks to Reverend Nazirmoreh K. B. Kedem (A.B.R.D.) - founder, spiritual head & director of -
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In service, the Reverend Baba Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.) has had gathered together a collection of beautiful meditative music from around the world - instrumental/lyrics, mantras music meditations for wellness, peace, consciousness expansion and further spiritual development… Selected by our Beloved Spiritual Master - Reverend Baba Nazirmoreh K. B. Kedem (A.B.R.D.).- each selection carries deep love and expansive spiritual intent.

Blessings and Thanks to our Beloved Spiritual Master
Reverend Baba Nazirmoreh K. B. Kedem (A.B.R.D.).

Shakuhachi Meditation Music (Stan Richardson)
$19.00 - 2 CD set (ST/IY)
Traditional Japanese Flute music for Zen meditation / contemplation.
"The first CD presents music from the Meian  (school). These pieces are traditionally played by komuso, "preists of nothingness", as they wandered the streets of old Edo seeking charitable offering. The pieces on the second CD are from the Kindo Ryu and represent a later and more highly refined song form, often narrative in structure and demanding exceptional musicianship. Finally, there is a piece from the Nezasa-ha school. This school's tonal style is heavily aspirated and sounds distinctively "breathy"."

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Traditional Japanese Flute Music for Zen meditation / contemplation CD recording
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