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Essential oils & Essence oils can be used in the healing process, to enhance meditation, as a perfume body oil... their uses are without limit - use them on the skin, in  aromatherapy diffusers, in steam vaporizers, place a few drops in lit candles, on light bulb rings, on one's pillow, in massage oil, in the bath and more…create your own environment. With these aromas in the atmosphere, one can just breathe in deeply and receive their healing benefits. Share these beautiful aromas with those around you.

"I bought some oils from you at a music festival in Arkansas last summer. I absolutely love Melkah! I love all of the oils that I got from you. I am so glad to know about your web site. I will always by oils from you and I will tell my friends. Thank you so much. This order should qualify for free shipping."
K. H. (OH)

of essence oils
& essential oils
True Scents Essence oils (you are here) are undiluted and long lasting - surrounding the wearer with aromas  which may last even for days. Essentially, through the sense of smell, one creates an aromatic environment which is soothing & relaxing to invigorating & energizing - promoting a sense of well-being. An outer beauty which invokes a subtle inner beauty.

True Scents Essential oils are 100% purely distilled oils, however are more volatile; promoting deep penetration into the essence of well being . These highly concentrated energies carry a vast array of healing, aromatherapy and therapeutic qualities which are transported to inner channels, allowing their therapeutic energies to work more directly. Their mission… health, healing, happiness. An inner beauty which invokes a subtle outer beauty.

Please note:
Information on the difference between essence and essential oils can be viewed here

"Thank you for creating such high quality products which transmit such very pleasant, loving, and mystic energy. Unbelievable products. I especially love the Arabian clear white musk as do my family and co-workers. I will continue purchasing oils from your community ONLY as commercial fragrances are often nauseating and overpowering, and lack the warmth, energy, and longevity your products possess." M.Y. (MI)

Those in search of Heliotrope, please note: Heliotrope #2 are that which is available from supplier at this time. Original stock sold out. The Reverend suggests you try a sampler when first ordering to see or determine whether it will be the one for you..

(Please note: True Scents no longer carries Heaven Scent or Tabu essence oils in catalog or on website.)

True Scents
Essence Oils Offerings
essentially known as fragrance oil, perfume oils,
body oils, aromatherapy oil
"Experience the true in-dwelling aroma..."

"Your oils are fabulous. This will be my 3rd order!!"   (P. L. - New York)
"Your essence oils are wonderful" (J. S. - Calif.)

True Scents offers the finest quality essence oils for body, mind, spirit. True Scents oils are uncut, alcohol free, long lasting. Truly some of the best fragrances available. These are high grade essence oils - excellent for aromatherapy uses (see the Aromatherapy Department for aromatherapy oil diffusers and pendants); to scent candles; freshen potpourri; in soap making; massage oils; bath oil... and of course as a perfume body oil - to smell just truly wonderful.

And remember... the name of that favorite oil that starts with an "M"
is Melkah

over 200 natural fragrances available---
poured into the bottle design of your choice
(also available - over 150  essential oils, 200 massage oils, 200 gem elixirs,
and assorted empty bottles)

Tester sizes available, sample a garden of fragrances!

Thank you for your lovely essence oils. They are long lasting and very true to their namesakes. I look forward to my next order with pleasure.
Sincerely, Susan (Ontario, Canada)


1 - Click on the fragrance of your choice below.
2 - Then on the screen which will follow,
     select your bottle size

Bottle sizes are also illustrated below.
please note: actual bottle sizes are larger than shown in illustrations
ALL BOTTLES ARE CLEAR CLASS unless otherwise stated

Essence Oils A-L

-Acacia Sweet
- Adoration
- Afrikan Musk (clear)
-African Safari**
-Amber, Light
(powdery, sweet)
-Amber, Thick w/ resin
(powdery, traditional w/ resins)
-Amber, Tunisian Thick Blend
(powdery, traditional w/out resins)
-Amber, Tunisian Dark (sweet, tropical)
-Anais Anais type
-Angel type
-Anointing Oil, Rev. Nazirmoreh
-Apple Blossom
-Apple, Green
-Arabian Musk
-Aramis type
-Aromatic Elixir type
-Attar Hina Supreme**
-Baby Powder type
-Beautiful type
-Bijan (M) type
-Bijan (W) type
-Blue Champa
-Blue Nile
-Blue Sonata
-Boss Sports type
-Carnation Essence
-Casmir type
-Chanel #5 type
-Chanel #19 type
-Cherry Wonder
-China Musk
-China Rain
-Chrome type
-CK-1 type
-Clary Sage #2
-Coco Mango
-Coconut, Black
-Coconut, White
-Cool Water (M) type
-Cool Water (W) type
-Crystal type
-Darbar, Indian
-Drakkar Noir type
-Egyptian Musk
-Egyptian Musk Supreme
-Escape (M) type
-Escape (W) type
-Eternity (M) type
-Eternity (W)  type
-Fahrenheit type
-Fendi type
-Ferdous type
-Frankincense, Sudanese
(very sweet, red/brown)
-Frankincense, Tunisian
(Sweet resinal, traditional, green/brown)
-Frankincense & Myrrh
-Freesia type
(very flowery)
-Freesia type
(light, floral)
-Geranium Rose
-Giorgio (M) type
-Giorgio (W) type
-Green Champa**
-Halston (M) type
-Halston Z14 type
-Heliotrope #2
-Hero type
-Honey, Musk
-Hyacinth (USA)
-Hyacinth (United Kingdom)
-Issey Miyake (M/W) type
-Jannatul Maawa**
-Jontu type
-Joop (M) type
-Joop (W) type
-Joy, African type
-Jovan Musk (M/W) type
-Knowing type
-Kouras type
-Kontra type
-L'Air Du Temp type
-Lauren type

Essence Oils L-Z

-Lavender #88R (sweet lavender)
-Lavender Flora #88F
-Lavender Unique #88M
(true lavender)
-Lemon, Verbena
-Lily of the Valley
-Lotus Royal 
(lotus scent)
-Lotus Supreme**
-Majmua Supreme**
-Mango, Exotic
-Mango, Tropical
-Mogra** (Indian Jasmine) 
-Musk, Afrikan (clear)
-Musk, Green Afrikan
-Musk, Green India
(floral musk scent)
-Musk, Ami
-Musk, Arabian 'White" (clear)
-Musk, Black
-Musk, China
-Musk, Egyptian
(truly thick)
-Musk Supreme, Egyptian
(dark golden, spicy)
-Musk, India
-Musk, Honey
-Musk, Jovan (M) type
-Musk, Jovan (W) type
-Musk, Morocco type
-Musk, Night
-Musk, Red
(soft, energizing musk)
-Musk, Sweet Oriental type
-Myrrh, Tunisian
(sweet, resinal, mild)
-Myrrh, Moroccan
(spicy, traditional, resinal)
-Nag Champa
-Neroli (Orange Blossom)
-Neroli Blossom (Orange Blossom)
-Norel type
-Nour, Oriental type
-Ocean Dreams type
-Ombre Rose
-Opium, Dark
-Opium, White (clear)
-Orange, Sweet
-Orchid #2
-Patchouli, Natural type **
(sweet traditional)
-Patchouli, Essential **
(traditional, earthy; -Indonesia)
-Patchouli, Tunisian ** (dark, spicy)
-Paloma Picasso type
-Peach Dream
-Peach #2, Fuzzy
-Peach, Tropical
-Polo Sport Type
-Pure Purple
-Red type (M) (W)
-Rose, Black
-Rose, English
-Rose, New Red
-Rose, Somali
-Sandalwood, Arabian
(soft tropical; sweet, coconut undertone)
-Sandalwood, Eastern
(soft, traditional)
-Sandalwood, Egyptian
(strong, spicy)
-Sandalwood, Golden Indian***
-Sandalwood, Tunisian
(soft,, citrusy, sweet)
-Sandalwood, Woody
(strong, sweet)
-Shalimar type
-Silence type
-Spikenard, Ancient
-Spikenard Flight
-Sweet Pea
-Sweet Rain
-Tommy Girls type
-Tommy Hilfiger type
-Tresor type
-Vanilla, Creamy
-Verbena, Lemon
-Vetiver Light
-Violet, African (truly violet)
-White Linen type
-White Nile
-White Musk
-White Shoulders type
-Wisteria Lilac
-Ylang Ylang
-Youth Dew type


...there are so few places online that are as pleasant to do business with, and lovely to speak to on the phone as you have been.
This whole transaction has a pleasure, and I will be sure to purchase all of my incense, oils etc. from you in the future, and recommend this site to my friends and family. I will also be sure to leave a donation with my next purchase as soon as I am financially a bit more settled at
my new job here in Austin.
Thank you so much for all of your help. Peace be with you all
S. B. (TX)

These are lovely, lovely oils. May peace and blessings flow to you from sharing them with others.
I absolutely love the Annointing Oil!! ALL of your products are so full of positive energy! Thank you!!! L. W. (Penn)

Thank you for your wonderful oils! They not only brighten my day, but bring smiles and and happy comments for the treat of a wonderful scent from almost all I come into contact with. Indeed, may love prevail on Earth.
A. J (NY)

This is my return to your products. I have tested the quality of oils and compared hundreds. My soul cries out to me each time I wear your special oils. I will wear no others now. Thank you.
Many Blessings.
K. V. (TN)

"My perfume oil order is over $25.00. Is it still possible to have Free Shipping? Also, I have tried perfume oils from other companies, and none can compare to the beautiful fragrance and long lasting quality that your oils possess. Thank you so much!"
T. M. (PA)

My order is over $50.00. Free Gift, please... I have already received the wonderful gifts of the Om CD and the book, The 100th Human. Please accept my gratitude for the free gifts, free shipping, and the absolutely splendid fragrances. These fragrances not only brighten my day, but touch others who enjoy the scent transmitted when I wear them
A. J. (New York)

I just received my Kush Oil and I must say how absolutely happy I am with your web-site and the wonderful things you offer there. I've forwarded your web-site address to my mother as she will be thrilled to find a web-site such as yours.
(S. L. - Virginia)

"The samples are Wonderful. Our daughter is from India and she was wanting fragrances more inline with her heritage. She will be very happy at Christmas time."
C. L. (Iowa)

Did you know?     The sensory system sends vibrational signals into the brain within a few synapses of smelling aromas. This olfactory system communicates directly with brain areas which affect emotion, hormonal and immune functioning.

Special Offerings

"SCENT"SATIONAL INCENSE OFFER - Receive a variety of incense recommended by Rev. Nazirmoreh. Over $20.00 in value. $20.00 (requests for specific fragrances may also be entered in the comments field on the order form - thank you)

More "Scent"sational Incense Offer - Receive a larger variety of incense recommended by Rev. Nazirmoreh. Over $50.00 in value! $50.00 (requests for specific fragrances may also be entered in the comments field on the order form - thank you)

"SCENT"SATIONAL OILS OFFER  - Receive a variety of 12 "$2 tester bottle size" oils recommended by Rev. Nazirmoreh - a $24.00 value for just $20.00! (requests for specific fragrances may also be entered in the comments field on the order form - thank you)

Original Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Oil
1/4 oz. bottle $12.00 ///
box of 12 $75.00 (save $69)

Triloka Essential Oils:
each Triloka oil comes in 1/3 ounce cobalt blue bottle
16 Triloka oils to choose from

Bergamot Oil  (Citrus bergamia - Italy) $15.00
Eucalyptus Oil (Eucalyptus globulus - China) $15.00
Fennel Oil (Feoniculum vulgare - Hungary) $15.00
Frankincense** Oil ( Boswellia carteri - Ethiopia/France) $30.00
Lavender Oil (Lavandula officinalis - France/Europe) $15.00
Mandarin Oil (Citrus nobilis -Spain) $15.00
Myrrh Oil** (Commiphora myrrha - France) $30.00
Peppermint Oil (Mentha piperta - USA/India) $15.00
Rosewood Oil (Aniba rosaeodora - Brazil) $15.00
Sandalwood**** Oil (Santalum album - India) $75.00
Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia - Australia) $15.00
Ylang Ylang Oil (Cananga odorata - Comores) $15.00

Triloka Oils


Excellent products and service. So much so that I am sending some of your products as gifts to friends and family. Thank you so much. Peace be with you all 
(J. W. - Great Britain)

Essendulum Aromatherapy Diffuser Pendants
wooden jewel of the forest - unique, soulful and elegant -
portable body and mind care -
environmentally responsible gift…
wear it .. share it... Everywhere
Enter here

Aromatherapy uses for the Essence Oils Listing

Essence oils exude subtle energies which have positive influences on ones' physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. How do they affect these states?

Ask the humble bee that passes by.
Inquire of the vibrant butterfly.
Search all the earth and throughout the sky.
Or look within to discover why...

Below lists brief information in parenthesis on the therapeutic qualities of selected aromas.Whether there is information listed next to an oil or not, each and every one has positive benefits. Try any of the oils and...
experience the true in-dwelling aroma.

Dear Sister N.A.N.K (packer) and Rev,
Received Myrrh oil resin, ordered, and am delighted! Have never purchased or received the resin before, and it is so very nice! Please let Rev, know that I am so thankful that he allowed me to receive a substitute as the Triloka oil was out of stock. That was so VERY thoughtful and kind. Would have been a little disappointed if none was available, really love Myrrh and Frankincense oil. Think that many people benefit, as they get the aroma, by my wearing it. ( And aroma can do alot to change the environment)
Peace to you all,  (C. W. - New York)
PS by the way, I love purple, it is my favorite color, always has been! Once a picture of aura taken and had a couple colors, but Violet was main color around me. ( close anyway) Color is another way, of course, to change the environment. Uplift spirits, etc.

A-F Aromatherapy Oils List
Acacia (Relieves stress, nervous exhaustion)
Almond Oil
(relaxation, reduce stress, eases painful periods and PMS symptoms)
Every amber oil (aid to deep meditation,
spiritualizes the intellect.)
Amber, Light
Amber, Thick (w/ resin)
Amber, Tunisian Dark Thick
Amber, Tunisian
Anais Anais type
(refreshes the constitution)
Angel type
Anointing Oil, Rev Nazirmoreh
Apple Blossom 
(love, peace, happiness)
Apple, Green
Aramis type
Aromatic Elixir type
Baby Powder type
Banana Oil
(cheerfulness, soothing)
Beautiful type
(Bright, cheerful, opens the heart to love & life, confidence, good for acne, cold sores, enhances sensuality, success, wealth)
Bijan Oil (M/W) type
Bliss Oil
Blue Champa
Blue Nile
Blue Sonata
Boss Sports  type
(physical energy, love, health)
Casmir type
Cedar wood Oil
(Aids in clarity, optimism, calms aggression. Insect repellant.)
Chanel #5 type
Chanel #19 type
Chelsea Flower type
China Musk
China Rain
Chrome type
(Romantic expression, clairvoyance, inspiration, prosperity, protection, growth, peace)
Clary Sage #2
(Tranquility, prosperity, antidepressant, aids PMS, regulates menstruation.)
Coco Mango
Coconut, Black
Coconut, White
Cool Water (M/W) type
(Offers peace, comfort and strength. Enhances physical vitality.)
Egyptian Musk
Escape (M/W) type
Eternity (M/W)type

Eucalyptus type ((nvigorating, penetrating. Aids in relieving grief, sorrow. Helps respiratory problems. Antiseptic, insect repellant)
Fahrenheit type
Fendi type
Ferdous type

To order any of these fragrance
- go to ordering counter above

F-L Aromatherapy Oil List
Frangipani (Helps restore peace & harmony; exotic, aphrodisiac; refreshes and assists in deep cleansing)
Every frankincense oil (meditation, inner strength, calms emotions, pleasant dreams)
Frankincense, Sudanese
Frankincense, Tunisian
Frankincense & Myrrh
Freesia type
(love, peace)
(love, peace, spirituality)
(Quieting, balances body, mind, emotions. Eases mood swings. Helps children in times of anxiety. Aids PMS. Antiseptic, anti-fungal properties)
Geranium, Rose
Giorgio (M/W) type
(Energizing. Promotes confidence. Helps memory. Good for colds, flu, fever)
(Cheerful, disperses negativity.)
Glorious type
Halston (M) type
Halston Z14 type
Heliotrope #2 
(Soothes nerves, calming, aid in controlling anxiety)
Hero type
Hibiscus  (Love, releasing heaviness on all levels, constipation, nausea)
Honey, Musk
(weight loss, psychic awareness, prosperity)
(overcoming grief, love, peaceful sleep)
(Concentration, prosperity, protection, consciousness expansion.)
Indian Musk
Issey Miyake type
(Sensual, emotionally uplifting, eases depression.)
Jontu type
Joop type (M/W)
Joy  type
(Cheerful, helps one accept life's circumstances.)
(Clears negative energy. Enhances memory. Helps urinary infections.)
Knowing type
Kouras type
Kontra type
L'Air Du Temp type
Lauren Oil type
Every Lavender oil
(Eases depressions, highly charged healing properties. Reduces labor pain, skin problems, strengthens immune system, lowers high blood pressure, speed all healing processes.)
Lavender #88M (unique lavender blend)
Lemon (
Lively, energizing, purifying. Brings cheer and strength in times of illness. Eases depression.)

L-P Aromatherapy Oils List
Lily of the Valley (Brightens disposition, gentleness, happiness, modesty, protection.)
Every lotus oil (Spiritual unfoldment and development, ethereal, Divine Inspiration)
Lotus Royal
Mango, Exotic
Mango, Tropical
(Comforting, calming,  Warms the heart. Good for bronchitis, asthma, heart problems.)
(Tranquility, peace of mind, inspiring.)
Mogra** (Indian Jasmine)
Musk, Afrikan (clear)
Musk, Green Afrikan
Musk, Green India
Musk, Ami
Musk, Arabian
Musk, Black
Musk, Red
Musk, China
Musk, Egyptian
Musk, Egyptian Supreme
Musk, India
Musk, Honey
Musk, Jovan (M/W) type
Musk, Morocco
Musk, Night
Musk, Sweet Oriental
Every myrrh oil (Mystical, sacred, confidence, courage.)
Myrrh, Tunisian
Myrrh, Moroccan
Nag Champa
(Orange Blossom) Inspiration, creativity. Deep sleep. Greatly eases fear, hysteria, depression, stress.)
Norel type
Nour, Oriental type
Ocean Dreams type
Opium, Dark
Opium, White
Orange Sweet 
(Stimulates creativity, Soothes nerves.)
Orchid #2 (appreciation of and attunement to Beauty, uplifting)
Paloma Picasso type
Every patchouli oil (Disperses scattered thinking, calms nerves, skin regeneration, insect repellant.)
Patchouli, Natural type
Patchouli, Essential
Patchouli, Tunisian
Peach Dreams
Peach #2, Fuzzy
Peach, Tropical

Aromatherapy properties of peach include: brightens one's outlook on life, emotional balance, weight control

To order any of these fragrance
- go to ordering counter above

P-Z Aromatherapy Oil List
Peppermint (Refreshing, aids concentration aids colds & flus.)
Pine (Helpful for apathy and lethargy.)
Pineapple (pleasantly stimulating)
Polo Sport type
Red type
Both rose oils (brightens the heart, romantic, relieves tension, sadness, grief, jealousy, anger, resentment. Aids constipation.)
Rose, Black
Rose, English

Rose, New Red
(Enhances mental clarity, concentration, memory. Useful for studying, computer work and other intellectual pursuits. Rejuvenates the skin, excellent for wounds and burns.)
Somali Rose
Every sandalwood oil (Calms mind and emotions. Meditative, relaxing, relieves depression and stress.)
Sandalwood, Arabian
Sandalwood, Eastern
Sandalwood, Egyptian
Sandalwood, Breeze
Sandalwood, Tunisian
Sandalwood, Woody
Scent Al Jannat
Shalimar type
Silence type
(an anointing oil used in ancient times; calming, assists in reducing stress, tension, and insomnia; anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, sedative, laxative; also aids in relieving migraines and nervous indigestion)
Sweet Pea   
(happiness, courage)
Sunflower  (sunshine, peace of mind)
Sweet Rain
Tatiana type
(courage, consciousness expansion, health)
Tommy Girls type
Tommy Hilfiger type
Tresor  type
type (sex, love, physical energy)
Vanilla, Creamy
(similar vibration)
Verbena, Lemon
(love, purification)
Vetiver Light
(Tranquility, earthy, deeply relaxing. Aids develop of patience. Rids worry, fear.)
White Linen type
White Musk
White Nile type
White Shoulders type
( assist one to attune to one's higher Self; protection)
Wisteria Lilac
Ylang Ylang 
(Exotic, sensual. Assists in overcoming sexual difficulties.)
Youth Dew type

To order any of these fragrance
- go to ordering counter above
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Thank you very much.

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