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Small Incense Packs and /or Shorter Incense Sticks
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True Scents offers quality incense sticks gathered the world over - many rare and hard to find fragrances. In this department, True Scents offers incense sticks in smaller amounts and/or size, some which are also available in larger quantities (see the Average Length Incense Stick Department for a full view).
But wait, many of these exquisite fragrances can only be found in this smaller size!
A treasure room of True Scents awaits..."Smell the true in-dwelling fragrance."

In search of a particular fragrance, incense, brand or other item? Enter your quest in the search box above.


Major credit cards accepted (secure shopping cart), just click on any of the items below to order. To pay with check or money order, please make a note of the name, price and quantity of each item to be ordered and enter this information on the manual order form (secure, with credit card option). Please inquire if looking for an item not listed. Important ordering information (including Return Policy): please read before finalizing your order.  Thank you.

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$1.50 each
Precious Chandan Incense
a special sandalwood incense
(also avail in large 100 stick size)

Bharath's Darshan Incense   
  be blessed…
larger size available

Tulasi Sandalwood Incense   sandalwood heaven…
larger incense sizes available

Real Rose Incense Sticks 
Suraj Brand Mysore Sandalwood Incense
Highly recommended by Rev. Nazirmoreh (ABRD). Flat box. A beautiful, meditative sandalwood.
Vinason's Patchouli $1.50
10 grams, flat box. Highly fragrant incense, fresh smell.

$1.50 each

Sugandha Sringar -
A strong, traditional blend. About 6 incense sticks, flat box. An old-time favorite.

Yoga's Naga Champa -
20 sticks, flat incense pack. Very sweet fragrance.

Padmini Incense Sticks -
Energizing. 10 incense sticks, flat pack. Refreshing, lingering aroma.
Larger 100 stick box available

Spiritual Guide Incense 
larger size available

Goloka Nag Champa Agarbathi Incense

Orchids Incense

larger size available

Sugandha Sringar  $2.50 box

Sugandha Sringar Gold $2.50 A supremely strong, pungent incense blend. Box

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