Reverend Baba Nazirmoreh (All Blessings and Respect Due) journeyed through India once again, this time accompanied  by two of the Reverend's (ABRD) students and devotees throughout all existence: Dr. Nazirahk K. K. Amen, a Naturopathic Physician practicing in the Washington D. C./ Maryland area, who attended a medical conference in Mumbai, India ---
and Subhash  Marwah, a retired banker/ renunciate of India.

NOTE: please see below  for letter written to help-supporter in New Orleans for more  information concerning travels...

We begin with  views of the Reverend Baba (ABRD) at a  Jain Temple nestled in the mountains  of  Idar Gujarod - and conclude these views of the journey (for as ReverendNazirmoreh(ABRD)  teaches one and all  - "We are on an infinite journey...") with pictures of some of the Reverend's (ABRD) students in the Washington D.C. area who came to greet and assist the Reverend (ABRD) on the Reverend's (ABRD) journey back to the monastery ashram in the United States.

Keep the view, more glimpses to follow…

"...for the consciousness expansion and
further spiritual development of all existence…"

One day while Reverend Baba Swami Nazirmoreh (ABRD) was going into deep meditation  at the mountaintop Jain Temple Ashram, a chipmonk attuned to Swamiji's being and proceeded to climb on top the Reverend's head and meditated in union with Baba Nazirmoreh. After the meditation, one of the heads of the Temple being very moved at this sight,  informed the Reverend of the presence of the chipmonk and inquired of the Reverend as to this state. Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD)  informed the temple keeper that the Reverend  was aware of the chipmonk's presence and the union.

feeding and communicating
with the
in and of the temple area thought

A construction crew worker  at Jain temple receiving the purple cord.

The Reverend (ABRD) also spent nights in deep meditation, under blankets of stars - surrounded by the mountainside's beauty. However, due to the concerns of ashram attendants and visitors, several pleas were made to the Reverend to come up from meditations. Several came to the Reverend to speak with the Reverend concerning - the Reverend informing all that the Reverend had nothing to fear, had no fear, that nothing would harm the Reverend, the Reverend being attuned to all existence - in Truth - in Light - in Love. A letter (the original appears below) was written and delivered to Swamiji - which reads as follows: "In night here must be lion and another dangerous animal can come. So you please come up in Temple ground. Meditation is not in cave not in temple. but it is only in our Soul. It is natural. So you please come up. that way we feel relax.". 

After speaking with all who had come to speak with the Reverend concerning the matter, all were relieved - all understood. All returned to the temple grounds to view Nazirmoreh in meditation from that area, that dimension, that thought, that feeling. Next day, after night of meditation - after being concerned through observation --- one in particular asking Baba Nazirmoreh what took place, what was the feeling, what Nazirmoreh felt, where had Nazirmoreh traveled. - Nazirmoreh informing her that she must be initiated into that information, or experience it herself - that it is only clear through self experience.

All at temple, manager - staff - and others, as well as others throughout India, receiving spiritual union initiation - the Reverend Baba (ABRD)  placing purple wrist band / cord on arm as being part of that initiation/recognition - that all will recognize and know.

The collective effort/service toward the consciousness expansion and further spiritual development throughout all existence.
The Union.
We are One.

The Temple Keepers:
manager (left) - Harivadan Brahumbhatt and
family/staff member - Vithalbhui Patel,
standing with Nazirmoreh

The Trustee of the temple invited Baba Nazirmoreh (ABRD) to journey to an ashram in the Himalayas with one who currently resided there and was presently on route to this dwelling. However, Nazirmoreh informed the Trustee that Nazirmoreh would first try to locate the Swami that Baba Nazirmoreh traveled with in India previously, who also dwelled in the Himalayas and had asked the Baba to come and dwell there... (see letter below written to helper-supporter in New Orleans  for further details)


OM  Hemant Shah
16 May 2002

Have returned from the travels in India. The stay at the temple/ ashram dwelling was beautiful, thanks to  Hemant Shah 's arrangements for Nazirmoreh to stay there . Nazirmoreh was well taken care of and provided for. Harivadan Brahumbhatt (manager) was a beautiful person and the crew, helpers, staff were all beautiful as well… They all did their work, their duties, took care of their responsibilities efficiently, precisely… with love, joy and happiness, devotion to that work. They all saw to it that Nazirmoreh would be most comfortable, with devotion. One stated that he would like to and looked forward to Nazirmoreh's return to the temple/ashram with Hemant Shah.   Nazirmoreh stated that could possibly be - in truth, in light, in love. Mr. Ramesh Bhrugushastry and his son Hemubhai in Mumbai, received and assisted Nazirmoreh and gave further directions and assistance that was helpful in Nazirmoreh's journey toward the temple. They also gave assistance financially equivalent to the sum of $100.00 U.S. dollars in Indian currency - given by Hemubhai, which was most appreciated. However, Nazirmoreh did not use the funds and would like to return it through Hemant Shah. Would  Hemant Shah  see to these funds being returned to them?
With Nazirmoreh's much thanks… thank you very much  Hemant Shah .
Love you very much.
In Truth, In Light, In Love
Reverend Baba Nazirmoreh
Yours in that truth, in that light, in that love
OM  Hemant Shah

After Note: Did attend Kumbha Mela at Allahabad also during the travels.

(Update: it was the Magh Masa in Allahbad that the Reverend (A.B.R.D.) attended, rather than a Kumbha Mela)

Heard enclosed audio during Kumbha Mela. Located the distributor that  Hemant Shah  may hear also. OM  Hemant Shah  Namaskaar.
(Photographs are also enclosed for Hemant Shah's viewing.)

Om,  Hemant Shah
June 2002

These pictures were  taken the day before and the day of departure from the temple. This was due to the doctor arriving with a camera at that time, from the medical conference which the doctor (a direct student of Nazirmoreh and member of Nahziryah Monastic Community) attended in Mumbai. The days before that were all beautiful. Beautiful meditations, visitations, questions, answers, conversations, invitations, with those and from those which Hemant Shah  informed of Nazirmoreh being at the temple, at the ashram. Being invited to journey to the Himalayas to dwell within the dwelling of one brought to Nazirmoreh by the trustee; the son and family members of the builder of the temple. They invited Nazirmoreh to journey to the ashram at that time. Nazirmoreh informed them that Nazirmoreh would try to locate first the Swami that Nazirmoreh traveled with in India previously. The Swami having a dwelling in the Himalayas also - which Nazirmoreh was asked to come and stay, during the time of Nazirmoreh's previous travels in India with him,… (Nazirmoreh being called back to America before journeying to the Himalayas)… and would like to continue the journey during this travel in India. Nazirmoreh located a devotee of the Swami living in Delhi, he being very much attuned to Nazirmoreh due to Nazirmoreh's previous travels in India and stating that he had informed his family (his wife and his children) that he was preparing to contact Nazirmoreh, that he could come to Nazirmoreh in America and dwell within the ashram - Nahziryah Monastic Community, with Nazirmoreh. Being very much surprised - he and family, of Nazirmoreh calling him the very next day from his brother's dwelling - which was
his dwelling at one time, (at the time of Nazirmoreh's last contact with him),... he and they being very much surprised that Nazirmoreh was in India the very next day… and being informed by the devotee, that the Swami had taken his life shortly after or during the last Maha Kumbha Mela or approximately two years ago. Nazirmoreh having been scheduled to attend that Kumbha Mela, however being distracted by other Community concerns to be taken care of. After being informed - Nazirmoreh continued Nazirmoreh's travels through India with that devotee who asked if he could travel with Nazirmoreh, he being a retired banker or one who had worked at a bank in various communication positions and financial offerings or approvals of those seeking financial assistance from the bank for various on-the-land projects, materials and equipment. This was part of his service at the time, he being a very spiritually orientated being, had transcended that degree of service and seeking to serve and assist in a more spiritual way in the further consciousness expansion and spiritual development and well-being of all beings throughout all existence. So we traveled on, with Nazirmoreh beginning another phase of Nazirmoreh's travels. Nazirmoreh feeling much pain - having not been in India to see, speak with and communicate with the Swami before his departure. However, knowing that his departure was of his knowing, his choice and that he will be travelling in other planes, other worlds of existence, of knowing, of dimensions, of ascensions, of attainments during his further experiential journey. Nazirmoreh directing the devotee that America was not the place for him, that his work, his service should be in India at this time, that we could continue to communicate, that Nazirmoreh would continue to instruct and direct and assist him in his work, in his service as well as travel to India periodically to assist in that service as well… He asking to be and becoming a direct student of Nazirmoreh and helper-supporter member of Nahziryah Monastic Community/ Nazir Order of the Purple Veil and all beings throughout all existence, in service, devotion, love.

OM  Hemant Shah
Reverend Baba Nazirmoreh
Nahziryah Monastic Community
Nazir Order of the Purple Veil

A. N. Enclosed is check for $100.00 made out to  Hemant Shah .
Please direct.

The following clipping was taken from the Purple Veil Newsletter  - issue #5 (Aug/Sept 1997)
of Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) and above mentioned Swami

One day while bringing water up from a well in front of an ashram for travelling Sadhus - the above mentioned Swami walked to, and passed Nazirmoreh, into the ashram. Coming out of ashram, came to Nazirmoreh and asked if Nazirmoreh would travel with Him to His dwelling in the Himalayas - that He had been looking for Nazirmoreh this lifetime - that Nazirmoreh and He had traveled together in previous lifetimes - that Nazirmoreh and He were very close and that He had been searching for Nazirmoreh - that He and Nazirmoreh could continue the journey/ the travels. Nazirmoreh saying to the Swami - Yes, however  the Kumbha Mela in Haridwar first. And we traveled on from that point, continuing the journey - stopping at various residences of the Swami's chelas/devotees, and sitting with them - giving darshan - the Swami and Nazirmoreh on route to Kumbha Mela and the Himalayas.

Previous to that, travelers would come to Nazirmoreh sitting in front of ashram, to sit with Nazirmoreh - and commune on higher levels of perception, Spiritual Union. Many gathered on route to Kumbha Mela and other areas throughout India.

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