Information for one's consciousness expansion and further spiritual development. Brought forth through the inspiration, direction of our Spiritual Master 
Reverend Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.)

Veil of Truth Omniversity
Center for Metaphysical and Esoteric
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Nahziryah Monastic Community
Retreat for Meditation and Wholistic Living
Monastic EcoVillage  / The Community of the Purple Lodge
The Nazir Order of the Purple Veil /In the Degree Of The Ascension

Veil of Truth Omniversity
Center for Metaphysical and Esoteric
Learning & Healing

Blessings and Thanks to Our Beloved Spiritual Master
Reverend Nazirmoreh K B Kedem (A.B.R.D.)

Points of Interest:

* Welcome to the Center

* What to expect

* Esoteric/Exoteric Healthcare

* Hyno-therapy: 4 stepping stones
   1 What is Hypnosis
   2 What is Hypnotherapy
   3 What is Past Life Regression
   4 What is Spiritual Life Progression
* Riding on brain waves of Conscious
Right Brain- Left Brain Test

* Products & Resources


  • Vegan/vegetarian (non-dairy) meals served twice daily -  after noon and after sundown (except Saturday which is a day of fasting on water).
  • No liquids are to be drunk with  meals. This practice aids the digestive juices do their work effectively.  There is no drinking at least one hour before meals up to and including one hour after meals.
  • Three meditation periods are observed daily - at sunrise, at noon and as the sun is setting.
  • Running/jogging/walking exercise period at 9 am most days.
  • Gentle Hatha yoga asanas (postures/exercise) are incorporated in the sunrise meditation session.
  • Assist in various work projects.
  • Out in nature - there are misquotes, ticks, chiggers, friendly snakes, rabbits, squirrels, skunks, chipmunks, beautiful song birds, crickets, wasps, spiders, deer, and more --- so come prepared with a smile (a warm one) and with any natural insect repellant, and what else, to live as simple with nature as possible.
  • No air conditioner, (but please keep that warm smile you brought)
  • Hand washing of clothes (and a clothes line!); please let it be known when needed
  • There are no beds and only a few chairs (in one of the offices) - - - all sit, sleep, and eat (food in bowls) on the floor. Blankets and a pillow are provided.  (You may choose to bring extra blankets and pillows for extra comfort - if this is a concern.)
  • Educational videos, tapes, reading materials, study programs are selected by our Spiritual Teacher Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD). Please do not bring any outside reading materials- leave the outside… outside
  • You may very well find that upon assessment by our Spiritual Teacher Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) that-
      1) if you like to talk a lot and be very active by way of distraction, you may be sitting in silence
      a lot- studying & meditating.

if you are inclined to have little attunement to being actively engaged in physical activity
     (i.e. tending toward laziness), you  may find yourself being called to assist extensively in various
(under no means is anyone ever called to work beyond their limits - perhaps mentally,
      emotionally, spiritually, 
but never physically).
     3) Are you flexible? Then you may find you will be doing a lot of the above #1 and #2… so relax.

The Monastery is nestled in the Ozark mountains. Wooded forests, ponds, streams, water fall, caves and beautiful vistas grace this quiet habitat. Deer, bear, fox, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, armadillos, birds of every color, and more- fill this wild life refuge. Much of the food is supplied from the organic gardens, fruit orchards, wild edibles (we eat the weeds). The main living area contains numerous large and small cabins, outhouses, storage sheds, libraries, offices and more. Electricity is supplied to several of the larger dwellings. Solar energy and a gravity fed water tank rounds out this self-sustaining, self sufficient environment.

Arrangements to visit are made by request to our Spiritual Teacher Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD). All communications and correspondences are to be addressed to  "Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD)" . Please refrain from using the pronouns "he, him, or you" when addressing "The Reverend" (we  are not these bodies, not male or female). All due respect is the password.

Points to consider:

  • Any length of time of stay is perfect, from an hour to a life time - by appointment and admittance by Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) only
  • An appropriate length of stay for  the physical detoxification program is at least one month
  • Those coming for hypnotherapy will be asked to come with a list of questions - issues to be  resolved, mysteries to be solved concerning life in general and personally - physically, mentally, emotionally , spiritually. Through hypnotherapy we go on a journey; the Hypnotherapist is the guide; the questions you bring to the session are the roadmap; your outer personality is the... well, back seat driver; your true inner Being is the driver (the One who suggests to the backseat driver to be quiet and let It do the driving); your mind is the vehicle of travel; Mind is the place of Abode - - -and  remember, you are always in complete control. Each session will last any where from two to four hours, depending on all that needs to be covered… we may travel far - - - so relax.

Come to the Center for healing.  To schedule an appointment, please download, fill out and mail in the following form:
QHHT questionnaire
Appointments beginning in April 2012, donations accepted, not required…

  Reverend Nazirmoreh K. B. Kedem, Nahziryah Monastic Community
Nazir Path 970 MC 5029, Saint Joe, AR 72675
1-870-449-4381     ///


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Reverend Nazirmoreh K. B. Kedem, Nahziryah Monastic Community
Nazir Path 970 MC 5029, Saint Joe, AR 72675
1-870-449-4381 /