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Rev. Nazirmoreh  (ABRD)

Q:  Why is it that you all are so serious all the time, and work so hard?
A: We'd rather work hard, than to expect something for nothing. That's how  we've been taught  and raised  by Nazirmoreh. Being as self-sufficient as possible in this life is a part of being spiritual. You can't get something for  nothing. That's how it is in this involutionary cyclic experience. You want to achieve a goal - whether spiritual, mental or material - you have to work for it. You may often hear Nazirmoreh say "you get what you are and you get what you pay for, and the 'pay' is the effort you put into utilizing the information received that is conducive to your further spiritual development and consciousness expansion."

Q:  What does the word 'spiritual'  mean, because I hear so many people use the word in different instances?
A:  i would say, according to the teachings i've received, being a spiritual person means that you are one who realizes that you are not totally body/physical being. That there is part of you that is attuned to the  Higher Essence  of  Being, attunement with the Creator of All that is. That you must take responsibility for your own life at this stage of your development  in this world. You also do all that is in your  power to try to raise the consciousness of yourself and others without infringing on anyone.

Nazirahkote S. A. H. Kedem


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