Advise for the Novice and/or Potential Resident

Rev. Nazirmoreh (ABRD)










If our Spiritual Teacher, Director and Guide Nazirmoreh (ABRD),  has appeared to  you in any mystical way including  dreams, and you've received the call, symbolic as it may be, remember it is all up to you to objectively make the connection. It is for you to make the forward moves, the advancements. Don't wait for the Teacher to take you and lead you by the hand and feed you all wisdom, knowledge and understanding on a silver platter.
Do not come to the Community  with the view that you would like to change or improve upon anything or anyone but yourself. Work on changing  yourself, keep your sight on consciousness expansion, further  spiritual development, truth, light and love. Even for the novitiate not as a live-in member, after retreating for a period with Nazirmoreh (ABRD), very often the desire is to go back in the world  equipped with very much knowledge, about the changes that can be made to make this a better world to live in, ready and eager to make the necessary changes only to be disappointed, discouraged and eventually turn their backs on the Teacher and the teachings… all because they went out ready to change every one  that they knew including  their 92 year old grandmother - only to be harshly put back in their place. Peoples innate laziness makes them resistant to change - especially if the call to change is not felt by them personally. You must set your mind on changing  self alone - must not infringe what  you have felt and learned to be true or the right way on others, no matter how much you love them and see how it would benefit them and all existence. Do not try to change others, but if you  are asked about why you do this and no longer do that - then it's time to transmit some understanding to the best of your ability. Through your fine example some one will be inspired to action.
To attain these accomplishments, one must be born anew/awakened - which takes effort on your part. Rebirth is  necessary; crucifixion- resurrection- ascension; physically, mentally, spiritually. How we think, speak, dress, conduct ourselves, etc. Nazirmoreh (ABRD), the disciplines of the Order are here to assist us in refining our self from a raw, crude gemstone into the sparkling  with light diamond. No matter what has been said and believed for a few centuries now, your salvation is not handed to you on a silver platter by the mere utterance of a few words. It takes effort; work and sincerity in all we think and do.  It takes living the life. "Talk does not cook the rice."
Accept correction graciously - for it is a part of the means to the end. Oftentimes it's merely "ego protection which prevents correction".
Remember, the Nazir Path is a "razors edged path". It is for those who see the value in hastening their evolution and thus the evolution of all beings.
The more you brave ones come and take your stand, position;  the more support their will be for all concerned. Perhaps even more time and allowance granted to the creative ones to express in the various arts for physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
Don't let the negative thoughts of others overcome you and magnify your own. Don't allow yourself to be drug back in the barrel by family, friends or the miserable claws of those who want you to stay where they are;  physically, mentally and spiritually. Hold on to Nazirmoreh (ABRD) / the higher teachings.
Nazirmoreh (ABRD) can inspire you to laughter which is very healing to all at the appropriate time. But try your best to maintain a respectful state, do not get too familiar with your behavior in the presence of the Teacher. Learn to understand the lessons Nazirmoreh (ABRD) puts forth.
Nazirmoreh (ABRD) often speaks in symbolic riddles and acts leaving one bewildered, to provoke, stimulate or give one incentive to think, to go within. Give up not, for the key to understanding is within yourself. You must find it, don't re-lose it, that you may always use it.
Keep in mind; Patience, Divine Love and Understanding will give you the inner strength needed to maintain peace within yourself and with all, and become aware of your mystic enlightenment waiting to unfold. You have come to unite with an awakened one. Truly merge into that oneness.

A  striving  one
A student of Nazirmoreh (ABRD)
full-time resident member, initiate of the Nazir Order of the Purple Veil
Nazirahkote S. A. H. Kedem

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